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My experience as an engineering intern at Payable

11 Oct 2023

Hi, I’m Boris, I was doing my final year of high school this summer when I joined Payable as a Software Engineering Intern building an ROI calculator for their website.

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Team Payable

Building a foundation for success: 5 lessons from late-stage companies for early-stage startups

31 Jul 2023

I joined Payable after I had worked at a fintech TrueLayer, that had grown to scale, and as part of that journey, I learned some lessons I vowed to bring with me on my new adventure.

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Our mission to change treasury management

14 Jun 2023

Last month we celebrated our 1st anniversary since launching Payable, which made us reflect on our journey, why we started Payable and what the future holds.

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From Steel Structures to Data Structures

25 Oct 2022

Preface Let me start by admitting that as an Engineer, I’m not much of a writer. In fact, I have never written a blog post or published an article in my life, but we all have to start somewhere. I hope this post is interesting and informative, but if nothing else, I hope it will help readers avoid the mistakes I made when faced with similar crossroads in their careers. Depending on the reception and reader interest, I’d like for this to be the first in a series of articles documenting the steps

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