Optimise cash operations at scale

Swap spreadsheets and bank logins for complete cash visibility. Automate cash operations, drive performance clarity, and steer your business with flexible forecasting.

Streamline finance workflows

Combine finance data with your ERP with direct integrations. Build scalable workflows that optimise your day-to-day work.

Optimise capital efficiency

Get full visibility across every data point. Uncover insights to shorten your cash conversion cycle and take decisive action towards revenue.

Make informed decisions fast

Filter, search and analyse your cash patterns. Know exactly how your business is performing and look ahead with robust forecasting models.

Cash intelligence platform for scaling finance teams

Cash positions and balances
Cash positions and balances
Cash flow forecast creation
Cash flow reporting


Bring all your transaction data into a single dashboard and have a real-time view of your cash position and money flows.


Analyse & forecast

Track your business health, optimise working capital and build robust forecasting models to bring your plans to life.


Action & report

Give leadership a holistic view of your business performance so they can make timely and well-informed decisions.

One platform for financial clarity

Single source of truth

All your bank transactions and invoice data in a single platform. Always in sync.

Real-time cash visibility

Real-time data and key finance metrics, for busy finance and treasury teams.

Standardised workflows

Automated workflows that fit your day-to-day processes.

No-code integration

Integrate once and get up and running in no time, with no engineering effort.

Intelligent reporting

Scheduled reports and strategic analysis to inform fast, proactive decision making.

Access controls

Role based user permissions for compliant workflows and approvals.

Reach peak velocity with real-time cash visibility

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