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Mission control for money movement

Simplify your payment operations by using Payable to reconcile and automate bank transfers all in one place

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Reconcile & Automate Payments

Automate the entire payment lifecycle with Payable APIs and Dashboard

Custom money movement flows

Deploy flexible ledgers to model complex payment flows. Send money via any payment rail from your own bank account.

Real-time payment visibility

Connect payment providers, bank accounts, and any other sources, to reconcile money flowing in and out of your business.

All your counterparties in one

Avoid handling and storing bank data. Use Payable payout links to capture payee information.

Automatic reconciliation

Payable matches your payments data, and allows you to add custom rules for reconciliation and reporting.

Implement new revenue streams

Implement custom wallets and rules for analysing the flow of payments. Leverage insights into how you can optimise your business.

Move money effortlessly

Go live fast! Build your own payment ops stack with our easy to integrate APIs and intuitive dashboard.


A unified banking API

Initiate payments, report on money movement, and create bespoke reconciliation rules

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