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Upgrade your accounting with Xero integration

Payable connects your banking data with your customer and invoice records directly from Xero. Bring your data in sync and automate reconciliation from start to finish.

Save time

Close your books faster by connecting Xero with your transactions in real-time.

Reduce risk

Minimise errors with user approvals baked into syncing flows and audit trails for compliance.

Automate everything

Reconciliation logic maps transactions to invoices and bills, or your chart of accounts.

How it works

Payable integrations
Connect sources
Payable integrations
Automate tasks
Payable reconciliation
Synchronise data
Payable integrations


Connect all your payments with accounting records and have a real-time view of your cash position and money movement.



Match incoming funds with correct recipients, see who has paid what and when payments are due by you.



Keep Xero as your single source of truth, with the benefits of automatic reconciliation. Say goodbye to tedious manual reconciliation.

One platform for financial control

Single source of truth

All your bank transactions and invoice data in a single platform. Always in sync.

Real-time cash visibility

Real-time data and key business insights, for busy finance and treasury teams.

Clever automations

Automated reconciliation and payout creation, with clever conflict resolution.

No-code integration

Integrate once and get up and running in no time, with no engineering effort.

Intelligent reporting

Scheduled reports and strategic analysis to inform fast, proactive decision making.

Access controls

Role based user permissions for compliant workflows and approvals.

Reach peak velocity with real-time cash visibility

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