Introducing Money at Work | Your guide to scaling financial operations

Have you ever experienced the joy of watching your business and finance team grow, only to find yourself grappling with the mounting complexities that come along with it?

We get it.

After countless conversations with scaling finance teams, and witnessing their struggles with complicated workflows and spreadsheet chaos, we are excited to unveil our podcast and expert interviews that delve into these very topics! Money at Work is your backstage pass to finance and business leaders who have built finance functions and scaled their organisations to new heights.

What it takes to scale financial operations?

Finding out how to scale operations is crucial for any organisation's growth and survival. Our experts will share their advice and experience on building strong foundations, implementing effective processes, and optimising resources. You'll gain insights into strategies for sustainable growth and learn how to navigate through the challenges that come with scaling a business.

How to collaborate with other teams?

Collaboration is key to success. Our interviews will share the light on managing expectations, breaking down silos, and aligning on common goals. You’ll discover how to build effective cross-functional collaboration and learn how to bridge the gap between finance and other teams.

How to overcome finance and operational challenges at any stage of the business growth?

Whether you're at seed stage, gearing up for an IPO, or already operating at a larger scale, we’ll explore the unique challenges faced by finance teams face when scaling their teams and processes. 

From managing cash flow and securing funding in the early stages to navigating complex financial structures during an IPO, Money at Work offers a wealth of knowledge from leaders who have been through it all. You will gain valuable insights into team dynamics, leadership strategies, and operational excellence in different stages of business growth.

Money at Work is your expert guide to scaling financial operations

Join us, as we unravel the secrets of scaling business and financial operations, fostering collaboration across teams, and thriving at every stage of a business's growth. Get ready to be empowered, motivated, and armed with the knowledge you need to make your mark in the world of finance and business.

Remember, success in finance and business is not just about money; it's about the passion, dedication, and drive to create something extraordinary.

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Under the hood: How to build your finance data strategy | Robbie Osborne, Head of Finance at Humaans

27 Mar 2024

In this episode of the Money at Work podcast, we are joined by Robbie Osborne who is the Head of Finance at Humaans. Coming from a consulting background Robbie joined Humaans to build the function from scratch and develop reporting and data infrastructure that runs the organisation.

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How bad financial and legal hygiene can make or break your startup | Charles Brecque, TextMine

14 Feb 2024

In this episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Charles, the founder, and CEO of TextMine (formerly known as Legislate), about the journey of his company and the critical aspects of legal and financial management in startups.

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