Reconciliation logic with custom rules and controls

Custom data reconciliation, without exposing live data

You can now reconcile data against your own proprietary databases without risking data exposure. Swiftly upload thousands of references against the appropriate account, so transactions can then be written back into your chart of accounts. This ensures that your reconciliation process is as comprehensive and accurate as possible.

Using our dashboard, you can promptly add custom rules as and when you need. This flexibility allows you to cater to the unique reconciliation needs of every business model.

See how it works:

Pause & play your reconciliation

Need more time to ensure all your data is in place? No problem!

You can now pause automatic reconciliation and run it up to your desired date. This ensures that reconciliation only occurs when all necessary data and rules are in place, optimising the match rate.

By giving you the control to reconcile transactions only when all prerequisites are in place, our platform ensures a streamlined process that drastically reduces errors. This not only makes closing the books at month-end a breeze but also instills confidence in your financial data.

After successfully reconciling your data, seamlessly sync all your reconciled transaction data directly into your accounts platform or ERP, be it Xero, Netsuite, or any other compatible platform.

With these enhancements, we're redefining the reconciliation process by offering a mix of flexibility, control, and efficiency.

Dive in and experience a smoother reconciliation journey today!

Shipped by Nick Godsland, Saul Liang, Maddie Carter-Smith, and Sebastian Bryk

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