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Payments 101

From experiencing the problem, to building the solution: An engineer's point of view

23 Feb 2023

Finding Product Market Fit Companies form to solve a customer problem. Whether that is to innovate how loan finance happens or to disrupt the retail investing landscape. The primary focus of these startups is to prove they have Product Market Fit (PMF) early, rather than to engineer the optimal backend operation systems. Manual processes are frequent and acceptable, as the focus on the small engineering teams is to build what the customers directly interact with. After all, without customers u

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Building developer friendly APIs

19 Jan 2023

APIs are the key ingredient in scaling a technology company's engineers and clients. A developer friendly API can help engineering teams benefit from each other’s work without ever needing to schedule a meeting.

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CTO diaries - building an engineering function from the ground up

10 Oct 2022

Hey! I am Raz, and this post is a part of a series of posts to share my experience and journey with other engineers considering either joining an early-stage start-up or aspiring to reach the role of a CTO. Over the last couple of years, I worked for a great company in a well-paid job with fantastic career progression, from hands-on responsibilities to management. I never thought I would seek something else, especially taking such a massive risk later in my career. After so many years in the i

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