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Automate Reconciliation with Xero Integration

You can now integrate Xero with Payable and fully automate your reconciliation process from start to end. Save hours (even days!) when preparing financial statements and closing books each month. Payable reconciles your payments directly between Xero, your banking portals, and payment providers. No more manual approvals, comparing spreadsheets, or second-guessing your data.

Get more out of Xero with Payable

Xero is an excellent accounting software for small businesses. It can handle simple transactions and support small scale financial operations. However, as payment volumes grow and invoices start coming in hundreds, financial operations can become more complex.

Finance teams spend more of their time in Xero painstakingly reconciling each transaction line by line all while nervously anticipating errors and tracing lost payments.

With Xero integration, users can automatically import their invoices, bills, and expenses directly into Payable. Our intelligent reconciliation engine will accelerate your month-end closing, speed up payment runs, and offer real-time cash visibility across all accounts, entities, and currencies. Finance teams can optimise financial operations, save time on manual tasks, and take control of their financial reporting.

Why connect Xero with Payable?

Save hours (even days) on financial reporting
Gone are the days of laborious data collection and manual entry. Payable direct connection with Xero and your banking partners streamlines your receivable and payable processes, saving you countless hours and freeing up time for more strategic financial planning.

Close books faster with confidence
With automated reconciliation, the closing of your books will become a breeze. Payable seamlessly links Xero bills and invoices with bank transactions, allowing you to close your books faster and with greater accuracy.

No more second-guessing your data
Automate your data feeds and eliminate the risk of human error. Say goodbye to data entry errors and rest assured that your financial records are accurate and reliable.

Keep all your systems in sync
Payable automatically sends updates to Xero ensuring that your accounting is always up-to-date providing you with the most current and accurate financial information.

Take control of your cash
Imagine having a single source of truth for all your cash movements and control. With Xero integration, you'll get complete visibility of your payments in real-time, allowing you to make better informed decisions and optimise your cash flow effectively.

Take charge of your financial operations today and experience the benefits of seamless integration with Xero. Get in touch with us and learn how to scale your operations. 

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